Photograph taken from Saddle Road at 6AM Hawaii time on November 29, 2022 shows lava flows moving northeast downslope of Mauna Loa volcano from the Northeast Rift Zone eruption.

On Tuesday, November 29, at 3:27 a.m. HST, a magnitude-4.0 earthquake occurred 6 mi (9 km) east of Pahala, Island of Hawaiʻi, at a depth of 20 mi (32 km) below sea level. The earthquake is not related to the eruption of Mauna Loa and had no apparent impact on the ongoing eruptions at Mauna Loa and Kīlauea.

This earthquake is part of the seismic swarm under the Pāhala area, which has been going on since 2019. Earthquakes in this region have been observed at least as far back as the 1960s (

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory continues to monitor Hawaiian volcanoes for any changes.


Potential Damage: No damage to buildings or infrastructure expected based on earthquake intensity
Maximum Modified Mercalli Scale Intensity: IV—light shaking (

Felt Reports: More than 50 within first hour (
Felt Area: Across the Island of Hawaiʻi Visit NOAA’s Tsunami Warning Center website for updated information:

The Northeast Rift Zone eruption of Mauna Loa continues, with several fissures and lava flows active. Several lava flows are traveling in a northeast direction. The longest and largest lava flow is issuing from fissure 3. This lava flow crossed the Mauna Loa Weather Observatory Road at approximately 8 p.m. yesterday evening, November 29, and the flow front was located approximately 6 miles (10 km) from Saddle Road at 7 a.m. HST this morning.

This morning, fountains at fissure 3 are up to 25 m (82 ft) and fountains are fissure 4, which formed at approximately 7:30 p.m. HST last night, were 5-10 m (16-33 ft) tall.

There is no active lava within Moku’āweoweo caldera, and there is no lava erupting from the Southwest Rift Zone. All lava flows are on the northeast flank of Mauna Loa.  We do not expect any eruptive activity outside the Northeast Rift Zone. No property is at risk currently. There is a visible gas plume from the erupting fissure fountains and lava flows, with the plume primarily being blown to the North.

MAUNA LOA (VNUM #332020)
19°28’30” N 155°36’29” W, Summit Elevation 13681 ft (4170 m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: WARNING
Current Aviation Color Code: RED